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Wyn Web Design has a base package that includes Web Site Design (5-10 Pages) Web Hosting, Social Media Integration. This is our starter package which is usually used by a lot of our clients that have informational sites. We also have add-ons including E-Commerce including donations or payments), Mobile Site, Social Media Marketing, Integrated Appointment Scheduler, Blogs, Event Calendar, Video Integration, Musical Integration, Web Form Submission, Logo Development and even Graphic Designs.


Website Design

We aim to please no matter what the need. We design based on our customers wants & needs. If you have a site that needs a pick me up, this is also an option. Even if you are unsure of the vison of your website let are developers and designers do the magic.

Website Hosting

The next step to having a great website is making sure the world wide web can enjoy your finish product. Look no further we also can take care of webhosting needs. This is also handled in your starter or investment package.

Social Media Integration

Social Network Integration is not an option in this day and age. Allow us to integrate your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, or Tumbler accounts with your website.




Allowing your customers to electronically exchange goods and services with no barriers of time or distance.

Mobile Sites

With cell phones being one of the most used medium for users we also custom design mobile sites to compliment your desktop website so that your audience will be just as pleased with the presentation.


Social Media Marketing

Once your stunning website has been setup more than likely one of the following major social sites needs to follow in a professional manner. Please allow our team to establish a professional looking Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter page that will help you not only promote your website professionally but also your business.

Integrated Scheduler

WYN Web Design also has the ability to integrate a scheduler into your website for services of your company. This will also allow you to organize appointments/bookings, accept payments/deposits and keep them all organize with syncing your calendar for notifications.


WYN Web Design gives you the option of creating beautiful Blog Entries that will accent your site and give users some insight to information at your disposal. Our clients have utilized this in informing, enticing, and/or educating their clients/customers.

Event Calendar

No matter what business/organizations events/dates are important. We can take events to the next level with not only giving your users the ability to access an event calendar. But also utilizing rsvp and web form submission to ensure that you have a pretty concise count on the customer/clients you will need to prepare for.

Video Integration

Video Integration is now normal for websites that have instructional videos, musical video's, and or even video's of events and conferences that may give the customer/client access to information that they would normally have to hunt for. Allow our team to create you a video repository that can give your clients/customers access to videos that relate directly to your subject matter.

Musical Integration

Musical Integration is just as important. Depending on if you an artist yourself or simply love the a tune allow us to give you either a musical repository or just background music to your website to give the user the vibe that you want.

Web Form Submission

Web Submission Forms allow you to collect information for any use case. Either for weddings, events, or either office information about clients web forms do the job and allow you to professionally collect clients/customers information the way you see fit.

Logo Development and Graphic Designs

No Logo, no problem. WYN Web Design has an in-house developer that we use that can personalize your business with a logo that represents your brand. None of those designers that give you what they think your logo should look like. Our designer does not stop until you are 1000% satisfied. Graphic design is also available for flyers, digital content, even t-shirt design.


Wyn Web Design

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